JP Crickets

JP Crickets is the go-to his and her shoe that combines an Italian-made loafer with the comfort of a classic velvet slipper. The relaxed-style shoe boast an embroidered University logo on suede, velvet, or linen with an all leather sole. The company also has collections featuring tassels, monogrammed logos and custom designs.

JP Crickets manufactures our shoes in Southern Italy. The setting is amongst the beauty of Olive trees, near the Adriatic Sea, in a small village.  It is here where for generations families have worked together to produce beautiful shoes.  JP Crickets shoes are made by skilled craftsmen and women.  Each shoe is lovingly made by hand just for you and many are touched by the owner himself assuring the finest standards and quality.  The beauty and comfort of the natural materials surround your feet elegantly. JP Crickets represent the finest Universities and Institutions logo's. We protect these designs and reproduce them with perfection to the exact colors and specifications. We take care and pride to bring you the very Best!

Please enjoy!

 "You will know the difference when you put your foot inside of an Italian made shoe."